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This is the Face Mask Multi-ply. Made of Natural Canvas this mask can be used for protection from large particles of hazardous fluids while protecting the patient from the wearer's respiratory emissions. Multiple layers of material provide a pocket that can be used to hold respiratory aids/filters. Elastic loops secured around the ears will hold the mask in place. 

Need something a bit more simple? Check out the Face Mask (available with Elastic Loops or Ties) for basic coverage. 

This mask is not a respirator and should not be used to filter small particles in the air by itself. Masks are individually poly bagged. 
Case Pack Info: 50 count / 13"x 10" x 4" / 3.95 lbs

Item Dimensions: 7.25" W x 3.125" H 

PLEASE NOTE The government has called and asked manufacturers capable of producing these types of things to get underway. Many of the FDA approvals are out the door and they are taking whatever they can get. That being said, a lot of the masks we are making are being worn on top of the limited supply of N95 masks that they have, to preserve the N95 masks and make them a little more reusable friendly. 

Our masks are intended for whoever has a need. Our pricing is at cost and we are just joining in to help with limited medical knowledge. 

Not approved for surgical use. Should only be in addition to FDA approved items to preserve and extend the life of N95 masks. 

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